Columbia HC1500-1A25-L-11 AC Electric Oyster Hoist

Columbia Oyster Hoist

Application: Lifting and positioning oyster bins Customer: Copps Island Oysters – Norm Bloom & Son Location: Norwalk, CT Hoist Model: Columbia HC1500-1A25-L-11 AC Electric Hoist Trolley

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Columbia HG4500-4A17-X-00 AC Electric Hoist used to position barges

Columbia Barge Positioning Hoist

Application: AC electric hoist used to position barges for dredging operation Customer: Equipment Specialties/Piranha Pumps Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico Hoist Model: Columbia HG4500-4A17-X-00 AC Electric Hoist

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Columbia HD1300-1A34-L-11 AC Electric Hoist for Jet Ski & Kayak Lifting

Columbia Jet Ski & Kayak Hoist

Application:  Lifting jet skis, kayaks and other personal watercraft Customer:  Dalgleish Construction Company Location:  Austin, TX Hoist Model:  Columbia HD1300-1A34-L-11 AC Electric Hoist Performance Based

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Columbia HL6000-2A17-L-02 AC Electric Ferry Ramp Hoist

Columbia Ferry Ramp Hoist

Application:  Lifting a ferry loading ramp Customer:  RAE Shipyard Inc. Location:  Golden Meadow, LA Hoist Model:  Columbia HL6000-2A17-L-02 AC Electric Hoist Performance: Line Pull:  6,000

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Columbia Custom Dam Hoist - Columbia HL14000-4A17-L Dual Drum, Columbia HL7000-4A17-L Single Drum Hoist, and Columbia HH-12 Motorized Hammerhead Trolley

Custom Columbia Dam Hoist System

Application:  Lifting fish screens weighing 24,000 pounds and 7,000 pounds Customer:  Tacoma Power and Light Location:  Cowlitz Falls Dam, Washington State Hoist Model:  Columbia HL14000-4A17-L

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