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The AutoAdvance Line Spooler is an innovative line spooling system using carefully arranged components driven by line tension to provide a fleet angle of 1.5 degrees or less for effortless and perfect line spooling onto a drum.

AutoAdvance Line Spoolers eliminate the need for a fixed sheave precisely located in relationship to the drum to achieve proper line spooling.

AutoAdvance Line Spoolers make it possible for an incoming line to move up and down, left and right and rotate 360 degrees or more around the spooler without affecting spooling.

AutoAdvance Line Spoolers work with any size of line and even with differing sizes of line on the same drum to create optimal line spooling. Large diameter sheaves in the Auto Advance Line Spooler ensure the line is not damaged by small radius bends.

AutoAdvance Line Spoolers do not have the parasitic power losses, component timing problems or maintenance requirements associated with typical level wind devices.

AutoAdvance Line Spoolers increase line life and increase user safety by eliminating the dangerous practice of pushing or pulling line by hand in an attempt to make it spool properly.

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Frame SizeIncoming Line DirectionDrum SizeFormat
HD / WD SeriesVertical-01PDFDXFSTP
HF / HG / WF / WG SeriesVertical-02PDFDXFSTP
HL SeriesVertical-02/-05PDFDXFSTP

Columbia AutoAdvance Line Spoolers In Use