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APPI One Line System

U.S. Patent #5,649,729

The APPI One Line System makes it possible for the first time to duplicate the operation of a two line bucket or grab with only one hoist line.

Easily adaptable to virtually any type of two line bucket or grab, an APPI One Line System can be easily installed on any type of mobile, marine or plant equipment with just one hoist.

By using this patented system, the load line acts as either the hold or close line to duplicate the functions of a two line system. With just one winch and intuitive controls, operation of the system can be easily learned by any equipment operator.

APPI One Line Systems can be supplied for the smallest to the largest of buckets and grabs. Regardless of size, only the best of standard components are used to ensure the highest possible level of reliability and maintenance free operation.

Complete One Line Systems can be supplied for any application – mobile, marine or industrial – or your existing equipment can be adapted to create a dependable, productive One Line System.

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