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Manual Overhead Trolleys | Columbia Winches & Hoists

Our manual trolleys are available in capacities of one, three and five tons and are designed to work specifically with our HD, HF and HG Series Columbia hoists.

Low-friction bearings are used throughout to ensure efficient operation and ease of movement.

Chain and power drive options are available for all of our trolleys; custom designs and higher load trolleys can be provided upon request.

To discuss project specifics or request a quote contact us at (503) 626-0654.



For Use WithWorking LoadMinimum Beam HeightI-Beam WidthTypeDrum SizesDimensions
HD Series2000 lbs3.0″2.3″-8.7″With Limit Switch-01/-11PDF
HD Series2000 lbs3.0″2.3″-8.7″Without Limit Switch-01/-11PDF
HF / HG SeriesBy Request

Columbia Manual Overhead Trolleys in Use