Columbia WG7500-2A17-L-02 Conveyor Extension Winch

Columbia Conveyor Extension Winch

Application:  Extending the frame of a conveyor systemCustomer: Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.Location: Saskatoon, SK – CanadaWinch Model: Columbia WG7500-2A17-L-02Performance Based On 230 VAC / Single Phase /

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Columbia HG2400-1A34-L-01 AC Electric Wall-Mounted Engine Hoist

Columbia Wall-Mounted Engine Hoist

Application: Wall-mounted engine hoist in manufacturing plant Customer: Trade-Mark Industrial Location: Cambridge, Ontario Hoist Model: Columbia HG2400-1A34-L-01 AC Electric Winch Performance based on 115 VAC /

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Columbia WK17000-4A12-L-02 AC Electric Mold Pulling Winch

Columbia Mold Pulling Winch

Application: Pulling molds out of elastomer in a casting process Customer: Drilex International Location: Tomball, TX Hoist Model:  Columbia WK17000-4A12-L-02 AC Electric Winch Performance Based On 460

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