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Lead Sheaves

Lead sheaves are essential to allow a change of angle to a line from any hoist or winch. With their offset design, Columbia lead sheaves can be bolted down or welded for simple installation at any angle. Fabricated of durable steel, additional features are available such as bolt-on limit switches, Nylatron or steel sheaves. Custom sizes can be supplied.

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ModelLoad LimitRope SizeSheave DiameterPitch DiameterDimensions
VLS-1010,000 lbs.7/16″ to 5/8″Ø9.25″Ø8.0″PDF
VLS-1515,000 lbs.1/2″ to 3/4″Ø11.50″Ø10.0″PDF
VLS-2020,000 lbs.5/8″ to 7/8″Ø13.75″Ø12.0″PDF
ModelLoad LimitRope SizeSheave DiameterPitch DiameterDimensions
HLS-1010,000 lbs.1/2″Ø8.0″Ø6.25″PDF
HLS-1515,000 lbs.1/2″Ø10.0″Ø8.25″PDF
HLS-2020,000 lbs.5/8″Ø14.0″Ø12.12″PDF

“Flag blocks” are a type of lead sheave that is designed so the load can move both horizontally and vertically without changing the lead point of the line when it exits through the mounting saddles for the block.

The supporting frame for the sheave rotates on hollow shafts that ride on pillows on each side of the sheave. The opening in the shaft aligns with the groove in the sheave which allows the line to rotate freely around the axis of the shaft.

If the load should swing or rotate the sheave will remain aligned with it while the section of line from the flag block to the drum stays in proper alignment.

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