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Aerostat Systems

Aerospace and Defense Solutions

Our experience and creative problem solving skills are showcased in the winch systems we have designed and built for this demanding market.

We can provide controls that ensure precise launch and recovery capability and our range of line pulls, line speeds and line capacities is unlimited.

Full power and data links are easily accommodated as our modular winch designs can incorporate virtually any style of slip ring.

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Aerostats Winches and Hoists

Positioning Hoist for Raytheon Company

Application: Positioning hoist for stabilizing legs of Patriot Missile mobile guidance tower
Customer Type: Raytheon Company
Location:  Global
Line Pull:  1,160 pounds
Line Speed:  37 feet per minute
Power Source:  24 VDC
Special Features: Servomotors, CARC paint, synthetic rope….

Synchronized Multiple Hoist System for Boat Repairs

Application: Multiple hoist system with custom control package to lift boats out of the water for service and repair
Customer: Weston Solutions
Location: Umm Qasr Naval Base, Iraq
Line Pull: 1,000 tons (2,000,000 pound) total system capacity
Cable Capacity: 32 feet of travel 
Power Source: 400 VAC / Three Phase / 50 Hz
Special Features: Custom synchronized control system, complete rigging package including wire rope, blocks and sheaves